Trial – Campaign I

Xhenthur resides in the small village of Valar. He is a fair skinned, handsome elf. The things he values most are honesty, friendship, and nature. He is eighteen years old, and it is time for him to become an adult and soon leave Valar for a grand adventure. The young ranger must pass a test to become an adult. All elves must present their elders with a goal they must reach. If the elders approve of it, the elf is to accomplish their goal, and bring proof to their elder. Xhenthur said proudly, “I shall slay the mighty beast Dreadfang!” The elders’ jaws dropped. “Certainly you do not intend to go alone,” one asked. “I initially intended to, elder, but why do you ask,” said Xhenthur. “It would be absolute suicide to pursue that endeavor on your own, young one. You shall be accompanied by four other elves your age who have yet to become adults. We wish you luck, ranger.”